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Himalaya Speman

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General Description

The formula of Speman was copied by many manufacturers and is considerred a paragon of herbal meds for increasing the sperm count and imporving quality of semen. It Contains 60 Capsules in a bottle.
69 experimens and research proved that Speman improves the testicular, seminal vesicle and epididymal functions.

More Information

What is the effect?
Increased sperm count and imporved quality of semen.
How to use?
Take one tab in the morning before breakfast and another before your evening meal.
How long to use?
The minimum course of treatment is 2 months. In most cases it's recommended to take Speman for 4–6 months to get a long lasting result.
What are side effects?
If you are not allergic to any ingredients you will experience NO side effects.
Inform your doctor that you are taking Speman if you are undergoing any treatment of prostate.
Himalaya is the oldest of the existing herbal medicine manufacturers in the world. The Himalaya Drug Company was established in 1930 and since then gained leading positions on the markets of over 60 countries.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size- Two Capsules, Servings per Container-60 Amount per Serving % Daily Value Dashamoola blend- 32mg Malay bush beech(root), oroxylum(root), clerodendrum phiomids(root), fragrant padri tree(root), sarivan(root), (uraria picta Desv.)(root) ,solanum anguivi(root), yellow–fruit nightshade(root), tribulus(root).Proprietary herbal blend 688mg arjuna(bark), Indian catnip (whole plant), ashwagandha(root),shatavari(root),boerhavia(root),ajowan(seed),gotu kola(wholeplant), [convolvutus pluricalis choisy.](whole plant ), eclipta(whole plant),amla (friut),licorice(root),guggul(oleo–gum–resin),shilajeat (mineral pitch),holy basil (whole plant), long pepper(fruit), chebulic myrobalan(fruit rind), Indian tinospora(stem),ginger (rhizome),celastrus(fruit),cassia(bark),cyperus(tuber),clove(flower bud), saffron (style and stigma). Daily Value not established.



This is only general information, in no way it should be considerred as any type of medical advice. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR before taking any product. None of the statements were evaluated by FDA. We disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of this information. We`re not responsible for any damage.

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